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Industrial Hemp NSW

iHemp NSW Inc.

We are a membership body representing hemp growers and partners to develop industry growth by bringing together a community of advocates to take Industrial Hemp to the next level in the agricultural sector.

By bringing together the industry’s most experienced growers and partners we are able to share knowledge with newcomers to the hemp landscape and foster a community of support.

Together, we are identifying opportunities to optimise sustainable crops and utilise the vast range of uses for the worlds most versatile super plant.

Australian Industrial Hemp Conference

Hunter Valley, NSW | 16-18 April 2024

Be sure to check this out this major event in the coming year.
An exciting opportunity to meet with growers, processors and professionals from across the hemp industry.

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iHemp NSW offers our Members ongoing educational and agronomic support while facilitating networking and community events.

Hemp Growers Forum

Our members benefit from access to the national Hemp Growers Forum through our membership of the Australian Hemp Council.

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