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Meet Otetto: the team that’s revolutionising off-the-plan home designs and architectural building products by harnessing the power of hemp.

Amanda & Harrison – Otetto

Otetto resides at the intersection of aesthetics, sustainability, and cutting-edge design, aiming to break through traditional barriers in design and construction by providing accessible solutions tailored for designers, architects, and homeowners across Australia.

Written by Amanda Marsh

Our journey with hempcrete began in 2017 with a holiday home project on the South Coast near Jervis Bay. A friend, and architect, struggled to find a local builder willing to embrace this alternative building method. Intrigued by hempcrete’s potential as a primary construction material, we delved into researching its benefits and techniques, quickly becoming captivated. Discovering an upcoming hempcrete course in Torquay, Victoria, organised by Klara from Australian Hemp Masonry, we eagerly seized the opportunity. Harrison and our team boarded the next flight from Sydney to Melbourne, eager to immerse ourselves in this innovative building technique over a three-day intensive course.

Despite focusing mainly on high-end residential projects, our passion for hempcrete endured. While numerous clients expressed interest in its use, cost considerations often posed challenges. Recognising a gap between designer specification and client adoption, we founded Otetto—a venture dedicated to offering contemporary off-the-plan hemp homes and architectural walling systems.

“Establishing Otetto propelled us into redefining possibilities in sustainable construction”.

Establishing Otetto propelled us into redefining possibilities in sustainable construction. Our debut collection of home designs has captivated many ethically minded and design conscious Australians, admired not only for their eco-friendly materials but also for their innovative design.

Our home designs integrate architectural integrity with the health and sustainability of our signature Living Canvas panels, offering homeowners cost-effective, time-saving off-the-plan construction. This collection provides full customisation and flexibility, with modular designs and wall panels ensuring precise quality control and reduction of on-site delays. Each design showcases the versatility and efficiency of hempcrete, blending modern aesthetics with its natural beauty.

Collaborating with award-winning architects, we have redefined the Australian home, pushing the boundaries of sustainable architecture and addressing critical social and environmental issues important to many Australians.

Our journey has not been without its challenges. We’ve self-financed all the start-up costs involved in launching our new business—covering marketing, architectural designs, product development, and custom machinery. At the same time, we’ve been educating clients and the design community about the benefits of hempcrete. Despite these hurdles, our unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability is paying off, as we gain increasing recognition from new clients and industry-leading architects who are seeking sustainable solutions.

Since our launch earlier this year, Otetto has expanded its offerings to include two off-the-plan home designs and an innovative prefabricated hempcrete walling system. Our commitment remains resolute—to create homes that inspire and positively impact the  environment, accessible to all.

Looking forward, we envision a future where sustainable living is the norm, where homes reflect our values beyond mere structures. We’re excited to stand poised in leading the charge, cultivating innovation for better housing and construction solutions that are anchored in our vision for a better future for our planet and its people.

We’re thrilled to have recently connected with the Industrial Hemp community and joined the iHemp NSW Council. We see great potential for collaborative efforts to advance hemp as a leading material in the construction sector, an industry ripe for revolution.

House with garden in front
Corymbia House by Otetto
Corymbia House by Otetto
Mulloway House by Otetto
Mulloway House by Otetto