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President's Report

There has been a lot of activity in the Industrial Hemp Industry in NSW over the last couple of months. 

In the fibre production sector, large areas of fibre crops have gone in southern NSW and record biomass crops have just been harvested in the Riverina, with average yields of up to 16t/ha under irrigation mentioned.

Variety Trials

There has also been some excitement in the hemp space with the National Hemp Variety Trials been carried out at the Sydney University Research Station at Narrabri in the last 24 months. This has involved the planting of approximately 12 different hemp varieties to help further the development of sound strain knowledge for our regions.

Extract legislation changes

Big news for NSW is the change in legislation to allow the extraction of resins from the hemp plant, with the exception of the medical elements. This is a massive step in the right direction and opens up many more opportunities for hemp growers. The NSW government is to be commended for this move forward and gives hemp growers in NSW a key advantage over growers in other states.

The Australian Industrial Hemp Conference (AIHC) 

The AIHC was held on 16-18 of April 2024. The event was a huge success with 147 attendees from across the hemp industry. There were over 60 speakers across three days covering topics on food, fibre, fodder, extracts, and biomass. This event was a great opportunity for industry networking and to learn from others in the hemp industry.

Picture from L-R Jaimie Milling, Tara Moriarty, Jeremy Buckingham and Bob Doyle.

Industrial Hemp Taskforce NSW

On the 7 February 2024 Bob Doyle and myself were invited by the Minister Agriculture, Tara Moriarty and Jeremy Buckingham MLC to attend parliament house in Sydney for the launch and media release of the NSW Hemp Industry Taskforce. The launch received extensive media attention from the NSW Farmers Association, Landline, The Land Newspaper and national print. This is a massive milestone for the NSW hemp industry and also nationally for the industry. We held our first Hemp Taskforce meeting on 29 Feb 2024. There have now been four Taskforce meetings. You can read the Communiques here.

We are planning more state events next financial year for members and we will keep the lines open via newsletters and email invitations.  If you have some news or a story idea, please send it to

Jaimie Milling
iHemp NSW